What if…

Around the bend

Last night before going to sleep, I was talking to the Holy Spirit, apologizing for not consciously spending more time with him throughout the day. I heard Him say, “All is well. I’ve been with you all day long as you know and it’s wonderful, but I have so much more for you. It’s not about what you should do; it’s about what you could do.”

As I lay there ponder these things I realized in a deeper way that He is not the one holding back anything, it’s me that holds me back. He has offered me things greater than I can imagine, there are no impossibilities with Him. He’s beckoning me to trust Him right now and simply believe the things He says are completely possible for me, not just others.

Why am I holding back, why do I not seem to trust Him when He tells me these things?

I think the business of processing things internally or should I say, over-processing these things, have a way of causing thoughts about the fear of failure and the whole process of ‘what if’ thinking, like: ‘What if I fail? And, what if people find out I’m not who they think I am?” None of these are questions He asks me, so why do I ask these things? Why do I entertain these thoughts?

Fear of failure and fear of man are huge stumbling blocks of comfort-ability. They can become so ingrained in my thinking that I begin to think they are my own thoughts. They are not! This familiarity and comfortableness will keep me stuck where I am, whether I consciously realize it or not, and it prevents me from enjoying all the things He has and desires for my life. It will also prevent me from influencing, for the good, the people I come in contact with.

I believe it’s time for the limitations to come off; the governor on my accelerator needs to be removed. It’s time for me to start asking myself better questions, or at least quiet myself and hear His questions. What if I succeed, what if I’m more than who I thought I was, what if I have great influence on someone else’s life? All great questions, really.

The traditions of bad thinking have to fall; they are only holding me back. They are so safe that they have become too familiar. I also believe that if I don’t boldly jump over this line of comfort, I will begin defending my current position as if it’s the pinnacle of my life; it is not.

Please know this is not me beating myself up or coming up with one more spiritual ‘to do’ list either. No, it’s realizing my life has been laid down for Him, freely and if I really believe that, I need to show some evidence of it. The influence that I have on my relationships and the interactions with everyone I meet need to be the evidence of the more than He desires for me.

Yikes, why does this seem so scary; maybe because on the other side of fear, life truly begins?

Okay Holy Spirit, what about today?

Author: Ginny Wilcox

I am a baker and a blogger living in Nashville, Tennessee. I worked several years as a healing technician in the Healing Room ministries where miracles happened every week. I blog about those experiences and conversations I’ve had with God while going about daily life. I also blog and am passionate about food and using it as a means to get people to gather back around the table and have real face to face conversations again. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a chef, a soapbox performer, an encourager and a lover of Jesus. My biggest desire is to see people free to know who they really are and be able to walk in that identity.

12 thoughts on “What if…”

  1. Sometimes I forget to talk to God a lot during the day too, but whenever I am listening for advice or a new good suggestion, one comes. He is always there, always interested in us and what we are doing.

  2. I love the transparency of your heart. So often I have found that you and I share many common threads in our lives with God. This could be something that is “in my head” and on my heart. There is more, more than we ever imagined. (sorry it is a line from a song so I must share! Dallas Holmes) love the song and the connotation and comfort it brings my soul! Keep pressing in, keep pushing the envelope…don’t let the “what ifs” slow you down. We only will answer to Him, the failures He forgives and the victories He rejoices over with us…it’s a win, win! Have a sweet day…

  3. Thank you for sharing this ‘conversation’
    It’s comforting to read your own testament and relating in the What If’s’ moments moving and leaping glory to glory I think it’s a good things to do self excaminations so we don’t get caught in the status quo of day to day .. It can get away from us so quickly And at the end of day to have this one on one encouragement -intimate moment
    with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdoms! How awesome is that!! Thank you for taking me along ~ Kindly,KK

  4. Hello, Ginny. I just discovered your Blog, and this Post resonates strongly with me. To make a long story short, I am a well known lucid dreamer, have written on the subject, presented at conferences for the International Association for the Study of Dreams, etc. Then the Holy Spirit entered my dreams, and as a result, I was Born Again from Above, and became a passionate disciple of Christ. At first, I kept my foot lightly on the break when it came to speaking about my experience, knowing that I would meet resistance, even disdain, and, of course, be ignored. But since I took my foot off the break, wonders have happened in my own life, and with other dreamers who were hungry for something other than psychiatry and Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism, not to mention all the New Age approaches to dream work. Now I have my foot firmly on the accelerator 🙂

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