Bedtime Stories

bedtime stories

What we do that brings rest to our spirit is important. What we do in the solitude of our rest brings creativity. Being creative is what we were born to do.

Before Chelsea was even born I was reading to her. I read the Hobbit to her, I read the Lord of the Rings and I read Beatrix Potter. I made a conscious decision to read to her every day. I listened to classical music when she seemed agitated, or if I was agitated.

I didn’t do these things because I was trying to make her some super intelligent genius. No, I did these things so her creativity would grow. When she was at rest she was free to grow and also she was free to dream; whether she dreamed while in the womb, is up for debate.

Once she in my arms I read Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit books to her until she was at least a year old. When she fell asleep I would continue to read the little book to the end, every single night. When she was old enough to hold the book herself I let her choose the book we would read before she went to bed. She always chose one of the Berenstein Bears or Green Eggs and Ham. She loved these books so much. In fact, she loved them so much she began to memorize them. She would read the stories to me instead of the other way around. Actually, she wasn’t reading at all, she was simply repeating back to me what she had memorized by what the pictures conveyed.

She did learn to read early and she continues to be a reader to this day. And another thing, Chelsea is super creative. Whether that’s from all that peaceful time in the womb and in her early years where she was allowed rest so she could dream, I don’t know. It doesn’t really even matter.

What does matter is that we are all created to create and we all have this innate, ability inside of us. Yes, it does take on different aspects of each of us but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Not everyone was created to be a painter, but some are, just like not all are created to be public speakers and again, some are. Whatever it looks like, there is creativity built in each of us all. So, if you’re thinking you’re not creative, go spend some time at rest and let it bubble up out of you, it’s there waiting to be tapped!

You are unique and we are all waiting for your creativity to be revealed! No pressure but……..

Author: Ginny Wilcox

I am a baker and a blogger living in Nashville, Tennessee. I worked several years as a healing technician in the Healing Room ministries where miracles happened every week. I blog about those experiences and conversations I’ve had with God while going about daily life. I also blog and am passionate about food and using it as a means to get people to gather back around the table and have real face to face conversations again. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a chef, a soapbox performer, an encourager and a lover of Jesus. My biggest desire is to see people free to know who they really are and be able to walk in that identity.

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