Encountering Jesus


I have had one vision of Jesus. It is a treasure I hold dearly because I realize that many people haven’t even had that. For many years, I was the same. When I had my experience, I was receiving prayer in a healing room setting.

Paul and I had been teaching and training some staff for this new ministry in our church. The lessons were all complete, homework finished and now it was time to let the rubber meet the road. I decided we needed to do a mock-up of praying for someone so they could see how a typical session flowed. (Sort of, Holy Spirit likes to mix things up all the time). We were all standing in our places, setting order in the room, praying about who would lead and who would be the intercessors, etc. when I decided we needed a patient – someone who actually needed prayer – that someone was me. The funny thing was, God doesn’t do mock ups! Jehovah sneaky walked right in and it and before I knew it, this mock-up became a full on deliverance session for ME! (I Love Him so much,…Sneaky Guy).

When all the issues were taken care of, and after I finished repenting and forgiving, etc., I saw myself standing in a blind canyon that had a waterfall cascading down with a shallow pool collecting at the base. Mist was rising up from the pool of water, making it hard to make out any surrounding details. As I was trying to see what was around me, suddenly Jesus appeared. Out of the mist, he rode, riding on a white horse. Yes, He did have blue eyes and His hair was long and dark. His beard was fairly long but well kept.  He extended His hand to me, reaching down to give me an arm up so I could climb up behind Him. I’m so glad He did, my knees were about to buckle. I was a little overwhelmed.

Do you know how awesome it is to ride a horse with Jesus with your arms wrapped around his waist? I can’t even describe in words what that meant to me.  He came to tell me that He would always be there for me, anytime I needed Him. He would rescue me every time – and He has.

This was my only* face to face with Jesus; but when I close my eyes now I can see Him right before me sitting on His white horse, waiting on me to call upon His Name.


*I have since had another encounter with Jesus. Back in July of this year, I went to The Courts of Heaven on behalf of a family member. He met me there.

(photo credit ~ Lars Justinen)


Author: Ginny Wilcox

I am a baker and a blogger living in Nashville, Tennessee. I worked several years as a healing technician in the Healing Room ministries where miracles happened every week. I blog about those experiences and conversations I’ve had with God while going about daily life. I also blog and am passionate about food and using it as a means to get people to gather back around the table and have real face to face conversations again. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a chef, a soapbox performer, an encourager and a lover of Jesus. My biggest desire is to see people free to know who they really are and be able to walk in that identity.

15 thoughts on “Encountering Jesus”

  1. I have seen the horse. Never ridden it… never thought to ask. Thank you, Ginny. your writings are very encouraging. Dare I use the word “exhorting”? Thank you. This was great.

      1. Well, I shall have to ask! 🙂 Book is pretty much done. I am holding a printed copy in my hand and going thru final editing it… hopefully final print in a week or two. Thank you for making, Ginny.

      2. That’s awesome, David! Let me know when it goes to print and send the link. I’d love to get my hands on a copy and also would love to share the link on FB.

      3. No worries on that account. I feel Holy Spirit has this well on hand. He will see to it that those who need this and will be blessed by it, will receive it. I really feel that. Just breathe 😊

  2. So appreciate this…My girls (5&7) and I have had many rides with Jesus. Selah said Jesus gave her a horse to ride with Him but sometimes she likes to ride on Jesus horse cause it’s more fun! 🙂

  3. It’s difficult for me to determine whether or not stuff like this actually happens. I know near death experiences result in a temporary lapse of time in heaven sometimes or being face to face with God but not in a dream. This is coming from a devout Christian himself. I wish I had my own personal experience like that. I’ve always prayed openly out loud sometimes for God to literally speak to me or send an angel but to no avail. I just have to rely on the Word and other people to see and hear the Lord.

  4. Your testimony is beautiful! He has a wonderful way of making the most personalized messages in our lives. You know you are loved, and that makes you blessed. He loves it when you truly know his love. I hope to read more and more of your testimonies!

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