Focus – Love or Injustices

4 thoughts on “Focus – Love or Injustices”

  1. Ginny!

    “…there’s a big chance bitterness will take over your conversations, which would have started in your thoughts.”

    “Both are important. But only one has life and only one can bring solutions and answers.”

    Not a lot of talk these days about our thoughts governing our actions. This is where the true work of our salvation produces life or death (Gal 6:8, 2 Cor 10:5))

    Thank you for this wonderful encouragement AND admonishment. I was greatly encouraged and challenged by it.. as always by your words!!

    Your brother,
    David NY

  2. Wonderfully Delightful …Ginny ❤ I knew there was ” much more “… In you …that has not been made know too well ..Yet ! ❤ Besides…. your famously Great Baking ! ☺

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